When one must, one can…

By | April 23, 2010

We must be steady enough in ourselves
To be open and to let the winds of life blow through us
To be our breath
Our inspiration
To breathe with them
Mobile and soft in the limberness of our bodies
In our agility
Our ability
As it were
To dance
And yet to stand upright…~ Mary Caroline Richards

If your head tells you one thing
And your heart tells you another
Before you do anything
You should first decide
Whether you have a better head or a better heart.~ Marilyn Vos Savant

Put yourself in a state of mind
Where you say to yourself
“Here is an opportunity for me to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary.” ~ Anthony Robbins

People become really quite remarkable
When they start thinking
That they can do things.
When they believe in themselves
They have the first secret of success. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Choose a subject
Equal to your abilities
Think carefully
What your shoulders may refuse
And what they are capable of bearing.~ Horace

If you have nothing else to do
Look at yourself
And see if there isn’t something
Close at hand that you can improve
It may make you wealthy
Although it is more likely
It will make you happy. ~ George M. Adams

Because your own strength
Is unequal to the task
Do not assume that
It is beyond the powers of man
but if anything is within the powers
And province of man
believe that
It is within your own compass also.~ Marcus Aurelius

In each of us
There are places
We have never gone
Only by pressing the limits
Do you ever find them.~ Dr. Joyce Brothers

I have learnt that
I am me
That I can do the things that
As one might put it
Me can do
But I cannot do the things
That me would like to do.~ Agatha Christie

You can do what you want to do
Sometimes you can do it
Even than you thought
You could.~ Jimmy Carter

If only
Every man
Would make proper use
Of his strength
And do his utmost
He need never
Regret his limited ability.~ Marcus T. Cicero

There are some people
Who live in a dream world
And there are some
Who face reality
And then there are those
Who turn one into the other.~ Douglas Everett

Choose your corner
Pick away at it carefully
And to the best of your ability
And that way
You might change the world. ~ Charles Eames


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