Widows Quotes

By | May 14, 2009
  • After I saw what my mother did, I will never trust a widow.~ Tunisian Proverb
  • A rich widow weeps with one eye and signals with the other.~ Traditional Proverb
  • As widowers proverbially marry again, so a man with the habit of friendship always finds new friends.~ George Santayana
  • A widow, like a widower, is a house without a roof.~ Finnish Proverb
  • Better the second husband of a widow than the first.~ French Proverb
  • Girls marry to please parents, widows to please themselves.~ Chinese Proverb
  • He that marries a widow will have a dead man’s head often thrown in his dish.~ Scottish Proverb
  • He who marries a widow also marries her debts.~ French Proverb
  • He who marries a widow with three children marries four thieves.~ Danish Proverb
  • It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward.~ Dolores Ibarruri
  • It is easier to be a happy bachelor for a year than a widower for a month.~ Lebanese Proverb
  • No fat mouse in a widow’s house.~ Turkish Proverb
  • Sorrow for a husband is like a pain in the elbow, sharp and short.~ English Proverb
  • There are three kinds of person that you must not challenge: civil servants, customers and widows.~ Chinese Proverb
  • The soldier’s wife is always a widow.~ Indian Proverb
  • The son of an old man is an orphan, and his wife is a widow.~ Lebanese Proverb
  • The wife of a careless man is almost a widow.~ Hungarian Proverb
  • The woman of a man without sorrows is almost a widow.~ Hungarian Proverb
  • What is the world to a man when his wife is a widow.~ Irish Proverb
  • When you die, your sister’s tears will dry as time goes on, your widow’s tears will end in another’s arms, but your mother will mourn you until the day she dies.~ Arabian Proverb
  • Widow. The word consumes itself.~ Sylvia Plath
  • Widows and widowers like to date each other because they understand.~ Lisa Iannucci
  • Widows are divided into two classes — the bereaved and relieved.~ Victor Robinson
  • Widows comfort themselves when they remarry, widowers take revenge.~ French Proverb
  • Widows weep but they look for another husband.~ South American Proverb
  • You flirt with a widow, but do you know how her husband died?~ Togolese Proverb
  • You must marry a widow while she is still mourning.~ Italian Proverb

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